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The Connecticut Maritime Association is a non-profit organization which was built by its members, for its members, and as such is one of kind.

Unlike many similar organizations which are supported largely by corporate membership, the CMA’s voting membership is comprised only of individuals. From bunker brokers and tug-boat operators to lawyers and underwriters, to ship owners, brokers and managers, shippers and merchants of all kinds of cargo, each CMA member has an equal and separate vote.

The CMA was created to build a community of shipping people, and remains a conduit for the exchange of information and a source of camaraderie and fellowship that is unique and vital to the shipping community. In 2014, the CMA celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. It prospers with over 1,500 members representing nearly 500 companies and organizations.

From the Desk of the President...


Happy February Everyone

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?  Maybe?  It is amazing to see the breakneck pace that the vaccines were developed.  Science and a public-private collaboration at work for a common good, hmmm wonder if that can be applied to other challenges?

As hopeful as that news is, it would be remiss to fail to mention the ongoing stranded crew crisis.  It was great (although sad at the same time) to see that the Global Maritime Forum has started an initiative to address this crisis called Neptune Declaration. The Neptune Declaration, signed by more than 500 organizations, outlines the main actions that need to be taken to resolve the crew change crisis and can hopefully over time provide relief to those sailors stuck with overdue contracts.   

As we look towards the new year, we are cautiously optimistic that things will be better. We are planning a few events this year. In the Spring we intend to hold our first webinar. Stay tuned to this newsletter next month for more details.  April will be our election/Annual General Meeting, which will be held virtually. In May we will have our annual golf outing and if last September’s outing is any indication – reserve early with details for sign-up forthcoming.  July should bring, we hope, an easing of restrictions leaving us cautiously optimistic for our annual Summer picnic.   The Fall with feature yet another Webinar in September, as well as our tradeshow. CMA Shipping 2021 will be held in October as part of the North American Shipping week. Finally, we will have some sort of holiday party to wrap up the year. At this point it is too early to tell if that party will be in person or virtually.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping.  As noted above, we are planning another virtual election and AGM.  Due to term limits, we will have two vacancies are expected.  One is for Secretary as Ms. Marina Critides is stepping down after a great four years.  The other is for Membership. Mr. Jess Hurwitz, who has been an invaluable member to the board for the past four years, is stepping down as Communications chair.  Mr. Paul Mazzarulli, currently Membership chair will take on the role of Communications chair, thus leaving Membership open.  While the nominating committee is being led by Ms. Lorraine Parsons, if anyone has interest in either position, please contact her directly. 

Until next time,

Chris Aversano, CMA President

Meet Kim Edwards!

To enable the CMA to better serve our members, Kim will be responsible for all membership administration. So if you have any questions regarding your membership please feel free to contact Kim using the form to the right or the contact info below and she will be happy to help. CLICK HERE to manage, join, or renew your membership at the CMA Membership Site.

TEL:  +1 203-548-7444  FAX:  +1 866-548-7720  EMAIL:  membership@cmashipping.org

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