Are you a CEO in need of a trusted advisor—someone who can complete your administrative tasks and manage senior personnel and projects?
Building internal and external relationships that produce new business, improving operations, strategizing, and helping organizations achieve their goals, have been hallmarks of my career in the maritime industry.

I am a MBA, an attorney and a successful entrepreneur. As such, I bring a number of skills – finance, operations management, marketing, client relations, IT and legal – and have applied this background both domestically and internationally.

I am a personable, detail-oriented, diligent professional who has consistently demonstrated advanced analytical, problem-solving, organizational and leadership abilities in every aspect of my career.

I have been fortunate in my career to run a very successful private practice, and to have served as a partner in several premier law firms. However, while I have enjoyed being an outside advisor to many different companies, I am at a point in my career where I would like to be an inside member of a business-leadership team dedicated to building one organization. I have also climbed my mountains in law, and want to focus on the business operations/ management side of my experience.

If you feel that you could use a proven executive who can be your key aide, handle a myriad of administrative and operations /management chores, and who can free you up to focus on achieving your business goals, then let’s talk, because I can do that for you, and more.

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